Personalized Class Dice Bags – PDB


Want to spoil your DM (or grab one for yourself)?

Why not give a little something back to show your appreciation? We just added Personalized Dice Bags to our store!

These large bags hold 42 dice pieces, are made from soft velvet and are available in 13 variations:

  • Barbarian
  • Bard
  • Cleric
  • Druid
  • Fighter
  • Monk
  • Paladin
  • Ranger
  • Rogue
  • Sorcerer
  • Warlock
  • Wizard
  • Beware The Smiling DM

These personalized bags are customized in-house by our Awesome Crafting Druids.

Personalized names are limited to 10 characters and they’ll be styled in our beautiful “Dice Druid” font.


** Please use the Notes field in your Cart to write out your desired name **

*Dice Shown for Reference Only*


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