Triple Color Dragon Scale Metal Enamel Dice Set with Pouch (7 Pieces)

Triple Color Dragon Scale Metal Enamel Dice Set with Pouch (7 Pieces)

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Swedish Short-Snout
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We just love, love, LOOOOOOOVE Metal Dice Sets.
The weight, the shiny enamel, everything.  Well, almost everything.  We're always looking to make the rolling experience even better!

You see, you've got to be very careful where you place (or misplace) your metal dice. 

"I'm looking at you d4!".  Oohhh that Sneaky little Caltrop will do 1 point of damage if you step on it and make you move at half speed the rest of the day 😖

That's why we're so excited to bring you these exquisite new Triple Color Dragon Scale Metal Dice sets.

For starters, the edges are softer, so no more piercing damage!  Even though the edges aren't that sharp we still recommend a dice tray to protect you tabletop and keep your dice shiny.

Also, the rounded edges make it so the rolls are smoother adding to the randomness of the result. Your DM will thank you for it!

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