Fireworks Polyhedral Dice Set with Pouch

Emerald Midnight
Emerald Midnight
Violet Smoke
Gold Magma
Poison Blast
Crimson Lava
Sapphire Raven
Cinder Ash
Free-For-All (multi)
4 x Mystery Fireworks
2 x Mystery Fireworks
6 x Mystery Fireworks
8 x Mystery Fireworks
Mystery Fireworks
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This dice set is perfect for your next D&D or Role Playing Game session.

Roll your crits with style! This is a premium quality set with two color nebula effect.

  • 7 piece set Includes D4, D6, D8, D10, D10%, D12 and D20
  • Choose from a variety of awesome colors to customize your play style
  • Includes a small black pouch to store your dice.


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