Dice - Epic Nebula D10 Bundle (50 Pieces)

Epic Wizarding Spells d10 Bundle (50 Pieces)




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Did you Crit with your Glave? Sneak Attack with your Heavy Crossbow?

You'll need a lot of d10s!

While you could roll the dice one by one, there's nothing like throwing a bunch of dice on the table and just wreaking havoc!!

This Epic Wizarding Spells d10 Bundle includes 5 Dice Sets of 10 x d10s

That's 50 dice pieces in total!

Your 5 Dice Sets include these awesome colors in a two color Nebula swirl finish:

  • Sectumsempra!
  • Expellirarmus
  • Imperio
  • Crucio
  • Wingardium Leviosa

Never lose your dice! We'll include a Large Black, Red or Light Gray velvet bag to keep your loot safe.

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