Epic Magic Potion Bag-o-Dice Bundle (56 Pieces)

Epic Magic Potion Bag-o-Dice Bundle (56 Pieces)

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Let's face it, Potions are Awesome!

A Healing Potion will save you from the perils of Death, a Potion of Berserker Rage will give you that extra edge when taking down a tough foe.

So we're proud to introduce our NEW line of Magic Potion Dice Sets!

This 8 Dice Sets Bundles are Translucent Two Color Swirls that are inspired by these Liquid Miracles:

✳️ Potion of Eldritch Defense
✳️ Potion of Fire Breath
✳️ Potion of Lesser Mana
✳️ Potion of Deadly Accuracy
✳️ Potion of Ironguard
✳️ Potion of Cloudkill
✳️ Potion of Fire Resistance
✳️ Potion of Hasty Escape

So go ahead and Quaff a few Potions, you'll need them!!

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