Dice - Arcane Spells Dice Set With Pouch

Arcane Spells Dice Set with Pouch



Burning Hands
Acid Arrow
Magic Missile
Lightning Bolt
Stinking Cloud
Shocking Grasp

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What would a Campaign be without powerful Arcane Spells?!

Maybe you're a Wizard yearning for more knowledge, a Sorcerer digging deep in your soul for mystical power or a Bard boosting your companion's moral with your magical performance.

We're proud to introduce our NEW line of Arcane Spells Dice Sets!

This Dice Sets are composed of Dual Color Swirls that are inspired by these Famous Arcane Spells:

✳️ Burning Hands
✳️ Acid Arrow
✳️ Magic Missile 
✳️ Lightning Bolt
✳️ Stinking Cloud
✳️ Color Spray
✳️ Shocking Grasp

Have your spells prepared!  You'll need them!!

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