Shipping FAQ

Q. What's the average shipping times for your products?
A. We process your order between 24-48 hours after we receive it (not including weekends and holidays).

We offer Standard and Economy shipping. Standard shipping takes between 10-20 business days and you'll be provided a tracking number for your order. Economy shipping takes between 20-30 business days and does not include a tracking number. 

We strongly suggest you use Standard shipping with your order, shipping times are faster and you'll be able to track your package.

Q. Do you ship your products to my country?
A. Currently we ship to the United States.

We're always looking for new markets so please contact us if you would like us to ship to your country.

Q. My order consisted of multiple items. Why am I getting several tracking numbers?
A. In order to ship your products as soon as possible they may be sent at different times from different warehouses.