What Kind of Nerds Are We?

Jul 03, 20

What Kind of Nerds Are We?

The answer is....we're all kinds of Nerds 🤓

Yes, here at Dice Druid besides being D&D Nerds, we're Comic Book Nerds, Potterheads, Crafting Nerds and yes Musical Theater Nerds!

So it's no surprise that we're beyond excited to see that "HAMILTON The Broadway Musical" is now available on Disney+ !!!

Did you see the Hamilton Watch Party Menu (yes, we're that Nerdy)

Oh! After you watch Hamilton be sure to check out the Fourth of July Sale going on right now!

Just Use Discount Code (you guessed it): 


To get:

👉 15% Off! 👈

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** Offer Expires Sunday July 5th 11:59pm **

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