Tolkien or Antidepressants?

Jun 16, 20

Tolkien or Antidepressants?
I love Lord of the Rings! I read the books back in the day, eagerly waited for the Theatrical Release of the movies.... then re-watched the whole thing when it came out on DVD (yes, the extended versions + countless hours of Behind the Scenes Bonuses 😅).

So I thought I was up to par with my LotR knowledge.

Oh my! How I was wrong! I recently bumped into this cool little website called:

>> Antidepressants or Tolkien <<

It'll show you a name and you have to decide if it's an Antidepressant or a Tolkien's harder than it sounds!

So go ahead and challenge your D&D Buddies (or maybe even your pharmacist).

We know the world has been upside down lately (in more than one way), so we just want wish for everyone to Stay Safe and Love Each Other!

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