Tip #3 - Get Out Your Tik Toks?

Mar 27, 20

Tip #3 - Get Out Your Tik Toks?

I know what your thinking.  TikTok?

Hear me out. At first I thought TikTok was for creating silly little meme videos, but after spending some time flipping through the App... I still think they're silly little meme videos BUT! You also have D&D Themed Silly Little Meme Videos

So, for Tip #3 I rummaged through some D&D TikToks and found some pretty funny videos I would like to share. 

We also made our very own Dice Druid TikTok account, there's not much there right now but we'll see what quirky stuff we can come up with 😜

Have some favorite TikToks? Do you have your own Channel and want to share it?

Let us know!

Stay Safe Everyone!

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