Tip #1 - Get Your Phone Out!

Mar 20, 20

Tip #1 - Get Your Phone Out!

If you thought getting the Party together for a D&D session was hard, now try adding a splash of pandemic on top of it...

So here's Tip #1 if you're not able to continue with your regularly scheduled Campaign and you start to feel those D&D withdraws! 

Some time ago I ran into this Mobile Game where you can play with some of your favorite Classes and Races for just a few minutes at a time and scratch that D&D/RPG itch

The name of this game is  "Warriors of Waterdeep" from Wizards of the Coast.

Hey! It's WotC, might as well check it out! Right?

You start out building your party of adventurers, the Characters are pre-made so no customization there, but you do get to choose what weapons and armor to equip and upgrade.

You explore dungeons, get loot and gold, upgrade your gear, level up your Characters (rinse and repeat).

There's also an Arena where you can Battle other Players, it gets pretty intense!!

Of course it's no replacement for a real Campaign but it's my go-to mobile game as of late.

The game is Free To Play, so yes, it's a little grindy and micro-transactions abound but I've enjoyed it very much without purchasing anything.

By the way, this is not a Sponsored Ad what so ever, I just find this game really engaging and a great way to get your daily D&D fix.

Stay Safe Everyone!

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