🤺 Wait... I Can Play D&D as a Jedi? 🤺

May 04, 20

🤺 Wait... I Can Play D&D as a Jedi? 🤺
Happy May the 4th to you all!
A day when we can geek out on all things Star Wars

And we are no exception!  BUT...
We don't just celebrate this day, we celebrate ALL WEEK!

Yup! Everyday this week we will giving out awesome downloadable freebies and announce special Star Wars Themed Deals that are... "out of this world" (Insert bad joke groan here.. 😅 )

Anyway, if you ever wanted to play as a Jedi in D&D 5e this freebie from the DM's Workshop is right up your alley.

The PDF has everything you need: Force Powers, Jedi Paths and beautifully detailed Artwork.

Remember, more goodies coming your way the rest of this "Force Week"!

Stay Safe Everyone!

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